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VIDEO: Learn how Lumber is treated by watching the new Osmose Lumber Treating Animation.

This animation explains the pressure treating process typically used to treat wood with preservatives for residential, agricultural and commercial uses. Pressure treating wood products is an effective and proven way to protect it from rot, fungal decay, and termite attack. Osmose Lumber Treatment Animation



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About Osmose, Inc. - Wood Preservatives


Osmose has long been a leader in the research and development of new products and services in all areas of lumber preservation technology, as well as Utility and Railroad asset management. Because of our commitment to quality, technical support, and service, we've built an impressive network of suppliers and customers throughout the United States and in more than 70 countries around the world.


The sales of Lumber and wood preservatives and treating plant equipment to wood treating plants around the world are the responsibility of Osmose, Inc. Osmose is the premier supplier of state-of-the-art engineering and customized marketing services to treating plant customers and the retail lumber dealers they service.


Lumber and other wood products treated with preservatives from Osmose are produced by independently owned and operated Lumber and wood preserving companies.


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